A few of our projects are what I call “do-overs.”

A wall or fence is already in place, But it doesn’t look or perform or hold up the way it’s supposed to.

Block walls are ugly graffiti magnets. Barrier walls don’t reduce noise  Walls fade or chip or crumble.

Want to avoid the cost and hassle of a do-over? Heed these 3 things you should NEVER do on a concrete wall project:

  • Don’t assume all precast wall companies are the same.
  • Don’t use contractors whose walls are not made in a National Precast Concrete Association Certified Plant. The factory controlled production process means strength and quality is consistent, ensuring durability.
  • Don’t neglect to inquire about other services your precast concrete company offers, such as supplying the architect/engineer with project specific shop drawings and calculations.

Learn more. Check out Artisan Precast’s Frequently Asked Questions.