Any concrete producer may be able to manufacture precast concrete fences. But not every concrete plant is NPCA-certified. Plants with this certification must follow strict guidelines, abide by certain quality assurances and maintain quality control.

Here are 6 features to ask for when specifying precast concrete fences on your next project bid:

  1. Project specs vetted by veteran contractors with CVs from the School of Civil Engineering. Artisan Precast has 21 years of experience in concrete fence design and installation and are often able catch errors or omissions in architect- or engineer-submitted project specs.
  2. “Artisan Precast or approved equal.” Often in public works projects, a concrete fence calls for a special pattern that only Artisan Precast manufactures. Or because of required certification and the concrete specs, it’s difficult to source similar concrete fences or get other contractors approved on the project. So the spec is written “or approved equal” and we’re often asked to help find other bidders for the job.
  3. Factory-direct, custom molds, when requested–at a cost equal to standard concrete fence molds
  4. Return calls and emails within 24 hours. Artisan places a priority on this because a) it’s not standard in the industry and b) we know that you’re typically on deadline and need numbers now.
  5. Monthly bid-status check-ins. At least once a month, I’ll check in on my outstanding bids to see how the project’s coming along, or if the architect or engineer got a new set of red lines. Sometimes I become the trigger, and I’m told: “You know what, Chris, I did get a set of red lines. There were some changes. Let me get those to you. I forgot all about it.”  Our job is to make the architect’s and engineer’s job easier. We’re here to make sure there are no unanswered questions.
  6. Awareness that precast concrete fences are a small cost of the overall project. At Artisan Precast, we try to be aware that, the overall project size, we’re an insignificant value on it. We are available, but not overly persistent in our follow up.