I thought I knew a lot about concrete. I’ve been in the business for 13 years.

Then a blog post by my trade association, the National Precast Concrete Association, linked to this Powerpoint presentation — “100 things that you never knew about concrete.”– by Martin Clarke, Chief Executive of the British Precast Concrete Foundation.

The list is actually a work in progress and features the first 20 facts collected by Clarke, who presumably continues his research.

A few highlights:

  • Concrete is the second-most consumed material in the world. The first? Water.
  • The world’s largest concrete ship was built in the 1970s and weighed 3,000 tons. It was dismanteled in China in 2004 after being stranded for 40 years on a riverbank.
  • The Pantheon in Rome, almost 2,000 years old, is the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome.
  • How much does the lightest commercially available concrete weigh? Answer: 115 kg per cubic meter.

You’re never too old to learn something new!