As a leader in the precast fence industry, with over 25 years of combined experience, we offer our expertise, knowledge and guidance when assisting you with a project. Artisan Precast acknowledges and attributes our great success to the countless architects, engineers and developers who have specified us on their projects.

Artisan Precast is unlike other companies, we have the advantage of designing and manufacturing our own proprietary molds. However, we cannot take all the credit; we draw our inspiration from Mother Nature. We study her natural beauty which allows us to ensure the quality look of stone and wood. Our creativity, combined with the observance of Mother Nature, has allowed us to fabricate these highly crafted walls and fences.  

Artisan Precast

Artisan products are manufactured in a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) certified plant. All NPCA certified manufacturing facilities are required to maintain the highest standards in the precast concrete industry. Because of our attention to detail and special concern for safety, our products are fabricated at a specified 5000psi compression strength. This ensures the safety and structural integrity of all our products. We pride ourselves in producing not only an aesthetically pleasing product but also, and most importantly, a structurally secure product.

046Security, durability and adaptability are key elements our clientele contemplate when selecting a wall for their project. Since there are 7 Artisan products we provide the freedom of selection. The variety of fencing options has been instrumental in allowing Artisan Precast products to flourish throughout the United States.

Whether your project requires dividing an established community with a new Commercial Development or fortifying an Electrical Substation, the Artisan Precast team is here to assist you.