Before our U.S. troops are deployed, they’re trained to fight in mock Middle Eastern villages all over the country called MOUT sites: Military Operations in Urban Terrain.

To replicate in-theater conditions, our client, Allied Container Systems, builds these mock villages out of shipping containers. And they spec Artisan Precast to make concrete separating barrier walls. (There are no wood fences in the Middle East.)

Watch this video to see how fast these mock villages are installed…

In the past 2 years, we’ve probably supplied 10 miles of fence for 40 different projects, different bases and sections. We’ve done them in Hawaii, East Coast, Midwest, North and South. Serving our soldiers in this way is unique and exciting.

Would you like to see the CADs and SPEC?

We “accidentally fell” into this project. But it happened when I was brought in to help solve a specific construction problem they were having.

If you’ve got a tough project to spec that might include concrete fences, precast fences, concrete screening walls, precast screening walls or sound walls, let’s schedule a 20-minute free consult. (I’ll share the whole MOUT story, too, if you’re interested.)