Architects Use Artisan’s Designer Concrete Fencing To Build Beautiful Projects…Affordably

100_1187We pride ourselves on collaborating with Architects to provide samples, specifications and customized site solutions. With our in-house molding equipment, we can draw upon a rich palette of finishes, textures and colors to create enhancing details that enhance a wide variety of projects.

Fencestone13Architects further appreciate the “greener” nature of Artisan’s products. Twenty percent of our cementitious material uses recycled materials and we are working on new formulations to increase the use of these materials to make our products even more earth friendly. In addition, our concrete fences need no painting or varnishing, thus aiding in the reduction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the atmosphere.

IMG_0172Our products are ideal for a variety of applications – whether you are designing a project for a commercial, residential, municipal or industrial project – we can help find the right solution for you.