The beauty and craftsmanship of real bricks typify Americana at its best–but who can afford to build and maintain expensive masonry in today’s economy? Here’s the answer: BrickCrete® from Artisan Precast. This lovely product offers the timeworn look of a classic brick wall at an affordable price. And BrickCrete®’s durable, maintenance-free design means your precast walls can last a lifetime.

BrickCrete® walls offer the added benefit of speedy, low-cost installation. Our expert engineers have designed a product that requires substantially less concrete and steel in its foundation than traditional masonry, thus increasing its ease to install and reducing costs to the customer.

With rounded edges, chip and pit details molded right into the texture, BrickCrete® not only resembles brick–it also integrates perfectly with existing brick structures and complements any landscaping, from classic to contemporary. Just like all our precast fence and wall products, BrickCrete® can be installed quickly and affordably. Contact our representatives to learn how BrickCrete® can suit your barrier needs.


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