One of the main reasons our customers come to us for precast concrete walls is for security. They need to protect their investment from vandalism, theft, or natural interference. So we often get the chance to come up with creative solutions to fit our customers’ needs.

For example, we once had customer who had a substation in Austin, and they were concerned about the safety of their equipment. They wanted to assure that no other human would have access other than those who were authorized. So we built an 8-foot Woodcrete wall. But instead of a typical post, we used 10-foot posts. Then we drilled holes through the top two feet of the posts so that they could insert barbed wire. Our customer was relieved to know that we could adapt to their needs to keep their substation secure.

Another customer that required strict security was the Ranger training compound at Hunter Army Airfield at Ft Stewart, GA. The Army is expert at security, so they hired us to enclose this important area. After we built the wall, we bolted razor wire to the top of it.

Security and Aesthetic

These customers had unique purposes and unique needs. Perhaps a developer of a new neighborhood or an architect of a shopping area doesn’t want or need razor wire. That might not send the right message to new home-buyers! But sometimes, an industrial customer also wants utmost security as well as a certain aesthetic.

We had a customer in Southern California who needed a security wall around a substation. After much brainstorming, we built an 8-foot Brickcrete wall. Then we bolted wrought iron hooks facing outward to the back of the wall, like claws. It looked great, but it definitely sent the message, “Keep Out.”

Contact us about your project, and let Artisan Precast brainstorm to create solutions for your security needs.