The neighbor with the chihuahua across the street from your building project does not care about the strength and durability of your Artisan precast concrete wall. She doesn’t care that installation is quick and cost-efficient. She only cares about how it is going to look in her neighborhood. What she wants is beauty.

A commercial or residential developer knows that buyers are looking for curb appeal. They want their neighborhood to exude luxury and loveliness, even in the most basic utilitarian areas. Sure, they appreciate functionality and durability. But they buy beauty.

Can Concrete Be Beautiful?

First and foremost, Artisan Precast walls and fences are beautiful. We don’t just put up flat, gray prison concrete. We take the time to make our own molds to replicate different textures:

The elegant timelessness of CHISELCRETE.

The contemporary simplicity of SMOOTHCRETE.

The traditional comfort of BRICKCRETE.

The natural realism of FENCESTONE.

The “I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-wood” of CEDARCRETE.

The modern warmth of WOODCRETE.

Then, there’s the country sophistication of equestrian WOODCRETE Rail Fencing.


When buyers, both commercial and residential, are looking for a future home, they want the area to exude prestige and beauty. Yes, it may just be an entry wall to a housing development or a screening wall for a neighborhood sound barrier. But these are the things that can attract buyers and sell lots.

We can also adapt to your needs with extra design features, such as ornamental wrought iron, columns, gates, or decorative pilasters. And we hand-stain the concrete multi-colored on site for a deceptively natural look.

Sure, a screening wall and fencing are small parts of a commercial building project. But they are the parts that the neighbors see and appreciate the most. And happy neighbors are crucial to a smooth-sailing project.

Artisan Precast walls cost less masonry walls and take less time and effort to install. We will even provide sample walls to architects or developers to show to their clients and to neighbors. Your customer and the neighbor with the chihuahua will both be happy.

Residential and commercial buyers buy beauty. Our concrete screening walls and fences don’t have to be pretty. But they are.