Our unique ChiselCrete® wall is an exciting choice we now offer for a variety of applications. Many customers are able to use ChiselCrete® to complement specific architectural details or simply to create a security barrier for sensitive projects. This precast fencing product is manufactured using our proprietary molds and combined with an exclusive integral coloring system to create a superb finished wall for your project.

Imagine a beautiful perimeter fence constructed of stunning, hand-chiseled stone. Now imagine that you could erect this fence at low cost and with zero maintenance.

Today you can! Artisan Precast now offers a unique new product line–ChiselCrete® wall designs. As with all our precast walls, ChiselCrete® mimics the elegant look you’d expect from a much more expensive product, in an affordable, yet high-quality fencing solution, that meets a variety of project needs.

Whether you want to work around specific architectural or environmental features or to create a viable security barrier, ChiselCrete® is a top choice. We’re excited to present this new product, which offers the same integrated color, flexible installation, longevity, and visual appeal as all our precast concrete walls and fences. Take advantage of our excellent customer service and contact our experts today.


  • ChiselCrete®