If you are an international customer interested in expanding your current concrete business or contemplating a Picture 906precast manufacturing plant, Artisan Precast may be able to assist you. Since Artisan fencing products are sold and shipped all across the United States, the concrete form opportunity is solely available to our international clientele. This business venture has granted Artisan the unique possibility of sharing our proprietary craftsmanship with the world.

FArtisan_0317The concrete forms are designed and manufactured to ensure high quality concrete fence products. Our molds produce fence materials in a variety of textures including old brick, stacked stone, and handcrafted wood. These designs were specifically developed to meet the needs of various projects and regions. You are welcome to choose
from any of our standard designs or we can accommodate a custom mold request. Artisan Precast will manufacture the concrete forms and prepare them for shipment.


We at Artisan are proud to have served our global community. Over the years our concrete forms have been purchased by clients from 6 out of 7 continents; Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. The manufactured product is not simply limited to fencing but a variety of applications are possible. The products have been used for fencing, screening walls and low cost housing. It is this versatility that makes the Artisan Precast concrete forms a wonderful addition to any manufacturing facility.

Benefits of international purchase

  • Some regions do have not the luxury of sustaining real wood; therefore, WoodCrete® is made to
  • look like real wood grain as a wonderful alternative.
  • Replacing a dilapidated fence could improve and protect the surrounding community.
  • Unpredictable weather can quickly deteriorate a wood or plastic fence; but with a precast fence,
  • weather is no longer a concern.
  • A traditional stacked stone wall is beautiful but time consuming. A precast wall produced from
  • the concrete forms can be installed in roughly half the time.
  • Operating the product molds will require manpower, which could potentially bring job
  • opportunities to the local production facility.

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