Artisan Precast Concrete Walls are fast becoming the preferred walling solution.

Here’s why:

  • Beautiful appearance available in a variety of colors and styles
  • Innovative walling system saves you money
  • Installs quickly and requires no maintenance
  • Appropriate for a broad variety of soil conditions
  • Superior use as a precast retaining wall
  • Pier foundations offer greater flexibility than traditional continuous footers

Concrete Walls

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) often referred to as “concrete block walls” have traditionally been used as the default walling option for many projects. They certainly have their place and can be made more attractive with paint, stain or facings.

The great advantage of Artisan’s precast concrete walls is that it is assembled using a panel and post system. Our one-step system provides you with a wall manufactured to your color specifications and in the warm look and texture of wood, brick or stone.

Call us today or email us to learn how we can provide you a better wall at less cost. When calling or emailing, be sure to ask for our “Green Features” report on how our walls are better for the environment. Artisan Precast – The Smart Alternative to Block Walls.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels

Concrete WallsProject engineers, architects and others in involved in development use precast concrete wall panels to construct perimeter, security and view barriers for both commercial, residential and public works projects. Precast concrete wall panels are rapidly replacing traditional, concrete block walls as they provide significant advantages in terms of aesthetics, reduced soil erosion, and far greater flexibility in addressing challenging soil conditions and varied terrain.

Architects and Engineers use our concrete fence system as precast retaining walls. Imagine being able to construct a ten foot high wall with 5 feet of retaining wall on one side and 10 feet or more of wall face on the other – all without using concrete blocks.

Concrete Walls

Precast concrete wall panels are available in a variety of designs including wood, stone and brick designs.  Precast panels can be color-matched to projects to effectively tie-in hardscape designs to the overall project.  Artisan Precast walls can be built to a variety of heights and are excellent for either flat, straight runs or for hilly sites requiring walls with a radius.

Artisan’s wall panels are manufactured according to NPCA guidelines for precast products at American-owned and operated plants.  Once manufactured, the precast wall system which includes posts, panels, and post/panel caps is palletized and shipped to the job based on the specific design requirements of each job.