When you hear the word concrete, maybe you think of a giant slab of industrial gray stone. Sounds depressing! At Artisan, we are in the business of creating something beautiful as well as functional. We can custom tailor our concrete walls to match your engineering, architectural, and aesthetic needs.

We were once working on an entryway wall for a residential development in Bullard, Texas. The customer wanted a sleek, modern look to attract buyers and set it apart from other new neighborhoods nearby. After some brainstorming, the solution was really beautiful.

We incorporated wrought iron inserts, like windows, custom fabricated to fit right between every other post. In other words, each middle post was shorter and supported the iron window. At first, the customer just did 300 feet for the entry. Later, they came back and ordered another 2200 feet to line the neighborhood.

Another project required iron cutouts, but for a very different reason. A natural gas production pad site in Denton, Texas needed a surrounding wall. But the challenge was that it was in a flood zone. We would have to come up with a way for water to flow through freely.

So on three sides of the enclosure, we replaced the first two bottom panels with iron cutouts—again, like windows. This allowed enough space for water flow in case of a flood, but the 10-foot wall still provided the required security.

Custom is Beautiful

Sometimes you just need to see it with your own eyes to know if it’s the right choice. And residential developers have the added pressure to choose something that will be attractive to homebuyers. After all, you don’t want to be pushing your children on the swingset in your back yard while staring at an industrial prison wall!

We were once bidding on a job for a residential development in Katy, Texas. The client was trying to choose between us and two other competitors. Even though we looked good on paper, we got the contract when we put up beautiful, six-foot Chiselcrete demo walls. Now there is almost 14,000 feet of lovely Chiselcrete scattered throughout that neighborhood, and many houses back up to it. So those homeowners face a luxurious, precast concrete back fence while they play with their kids.

Concrete doesn’t have to be boring or industrial. We can customize our walls to match your needs, in form and in function.