IMGP0069Specifications, calculations and documentation are essential to our relationships with engineers. The Artisan staff is skilled at meeting the requirements of city and county codes, and provide comprehensive CAD product details with the precise specifications engineers need.

Some things you should know:

  • The fence components are thoroughly mixed and vibrated to attain a minimum compression strength of 5000
    p.s.i. at 28 days, using pea gravel aggregate and a corrosive inhibitor.
  • The rebar conforms to ASTM A615, Grade 60.
  • The steel mesh galvanized.
  • Walls engineered up to 20’ high.
  • All components are manufactured with fibrillated fiber as a secondary reinforcement.
  • Iron oxide pigment is added for permanent color.

ATT Springfield Toll 004Our products enable engineers to create aesthetic barriers and screening walls that cost less than traditional masonry and CMU and that are maintenance free. Our products are also suitable as retaining walls at a fraction of the cost – call us to discuss how we can help you with your projects.