Install PicMore and More Fence Companies Throughout The United States Are Using Artisan Precast Concrete Fences To Land More Business.

Artisan Precast supplies fencing professionals with the highest quality precast concrete wall and fence products. Whether you are building a simple perimeter fence for a single family home or constructing a 1,800’ x 14’ high perimeter fence with retaining wall requirements, Artisan is your ideal partner.

Our precast systems have been used on such projects as the following:

  • Commercial screening walls
  • Perimeter fences
  • Sound barriers
  • Residential privacy fences
  • Utility security walls
  • Industrial park barriers
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Retaining walls

20150603_102725We work directly with fencing industry professionals to select and specify the right concrete fence for your job. We have extensive experience in all applications for precast concrete walls and can help consult on projects as part of our services to ensure the quality of your project.

If you are new to precast concrete fencing, we can help you with budgeting and bidding to ensure a successful project. Contact us today to learn more.