Need an attractive, yet cost-efficient solution to create a sound barrier or screen wall for your project? Artisan’s FenceStone® precast concrete wall system provides the answer. One of our most popular products, FenceStone® simulates the appearance of hand-laid ledge stone, offering a warm, lovely texture that blends beautifully with existing environmental features.

FenceStone®’s stone-look textural definition, complete with realistic clefts and crevices, enhances both the product’s visual appeal and its superior noise-reduction qualities. No wonder FenceStone® represents the gold standard in precast fence solutions. As contractors have come to recognize the value of replacing traditional poured or block concrete walls with a flexible, maintenance-free precast fencing system, FenceStone® has proven their best choice.

FenceStone® fits the bill for a wide range of construction projects. Busy highways, housing complexes, public bike paths, college campuses, and public works facilities are just a few examples of recent projects where Artisan concrete fences have been put to good use. Like all our designer concrete fences, FenceStone® can be installed quickly and easily, is priced right, and offers the flexibility to replace single components—avoiding the cost and hassle of repairing traditional masonry or concrete walls. And the product’s elegant stone look adds value to its appeal for adjacent property owners.

Let us show you how FenceStone®’s superb quality and appearance can meet the needs of your upcoming project.


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