I’ll say it flat out — our walls and fences are gorgeous. From the lovely, deep texture of crafted wood to the look of hand-chiseled stone, they add beauty, elegance and architectural interest to any project.

But don’t choose a Precast Concrete wall or fence on looks alone.

Use this checklist:

  1. Does the company make its own molds? We do because it’s the best way to get an authentic look, with textures on both sides and throughout the panels so architects can match color and texture to the project in heights up to 20 feet.
  2. Where is the product made? Our panels are made a plant certified by the National Precast Concrete Association, using standards that ensure durability and consistency..
  3. Who will install your fence or wall? That’s important to the project timeline because the wall often is one of the final parts of a project. Look for companies like Artisan that provide materials and installation and that do precast as their only focus. (We also can ship to experienced installers.)
  4. Does the product you’re considering have a track record? Artisan Precast’s brands of products such as FenceStone have been used for decades. Our products meet the technical specifications of cities and counties nationwide including California seismic codes and Florida wind-load requirements.
  5. What kind of support do you get from your wall company? The Artisan staff is skilled at meeting the requirements of city and county codes, and provide comprehensive CAD product details with the precise specifications engineers need.