There is always at least one specification in a project that makes it unique. So at Artisan Precast, we have learned to be flexible.

Each job has a variety of environmental influences and specifications. Are you in a residential neighborhood or an industrial park? Why does the customer need the wall or fence? Is the environment humid or dusty? Flat or hilly? What governing permits are needed? Who are the neighbors on the other side? How will it be used, and does it need a gate?

We have had some doozies in the past, but we’ve come up with some creative solutions.

grandterrace_179Flexible with Specific Needs

One common specification that we get is that the customer wants to be able to remove sections occasionally so that heavy machinery or vehicles can come through. But they don’t want to sacrifice the visible barrier or security of concrete walls by putting in a gate. No problem. We’re flexible.

If this is the case, we alter the piers of the system. First, we make them deeper and wider than usual. And instead of filling them with concrete, we imbed the posts in crushed rock. Then, when the customer needs to remove the wall, they can take out the panels and pull up the posts. Later, they can imbed the post back into the gravel and slide the wall panels back in. No jackhammer, no wet concrete.

On a different kind of project, we were building a wall to separate a new community park from a beautiful residential neighborhood, so both sides had well-manicured, green grass. We provided a mow-strip–a 12 x 9-inch foundation under the fence with weep holes in every section to facilitate drainage. This made the fence-line much easier to mow and less likely to become saturated and muddy. The city was happy, and the neighbors were happy.

Flexible with Last Minute Changes

Sometimes our opportunities for flexibility come from one simple sentence: “I changed my mind.”

For example, let’s say that you have it in your plans that you are going to put up a lovely concrete wall that looks like traditional red brick. At the last minute, your customers change their minds and want a more modern, clean-lined look.

No problem! We’re flexible. Simply contact us and choose another of our patterns, like Chiselcrete or Smoothcrete. The engineering is the same, and it’s the same price for your bottom line.

Do you think your project is too complicated for precast concrete wall or fence? Try us! Let Artisan Precast help you come up with a unique solution for your project.