If you work with government projects, I believe you’ll appreciate this story.

Illinois DOT – $000 Million Highway Widening Construction Project

Nine times out of 10, Artisan Precast is just a small part of an overall construction project.

But our concrete walls are a very visible part, and in this project, the DOT needed to widen the highway and satisfy the aesthetics of the surrounding neighborhood community affected by this change.

Municipalities and public works are accustomed to placating upset residents. So they typically budget for precast screening walls that offer privacy and noise reduction.

With the Artisan Precast CobbleCrete screening wall they specified, they also ended up with a pleasing design.

The DOT specified the pattern themselves.

After reviewing our ready-made concrete patterns, the DOT requested a specific cobblestone look. Custom molds cost about $25,000. But because this project was large enough, it justified custom manufacturing the look they were after.

Another unique spec on this project was using epoxy-coated rebar, something we normally don’t do. But the DOT didn’t want salt getting inside the concrete during the winter snow clearing. It would tear the rebar apart and eventually compromise the structure.

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