Before you start the first steps of a project, you are already thinking of the last steps. That is why we get many questions about the installation of our precast concrete screening walls and fences. Here are some of the questions and answers we get about installation.

Why do you do installation yourself instead of subcontracting locally?Installation

Let’s face it. Precast concrete screening walls and fences are a very specific niche product. But since it is a very important component of a project, mom-and-pop companies are apprehensive to step in to the market. Since we know all of the specifications for your project, from engineering to molds to manufacturing to topography, no one is more qualified to install than we are. We are the experts, and we insure that it’s done properly.

What does installation involve?

Typically, each crew is a four-man crew with a skid-steer and forklift. We use the skid-steer to auger out piers and the forklift to move the product into place. We stand the post, concrete it into place, stack the panels, put on the caps, and finish with fine tuning and leveling.

How does it affect the job site, compared to installing masonry walls?

There is much less impact on the job site because of our pier system as opposed to a continual foundation that masonry would require. This is especially handy where the topography of a project rises and falls. And the integrity of the structure of the system is still more trustworthy than with masonry.

Install PicHow much time does installation take?

We can typically install 100-125 feet per day of six-foot fence. And since we can keep most of our products in stock, we can start a job more quickly and efficiently.

If you have any other questions about precast concrete, please visit our contact page. You want your project to be expertly done from beginning to end.