I’ve got to admit it — I’m proud of ALL of our projects.

I love how our precast concrete products meet the needs of so many different kinds of projects — from a simple homeowner fence to a massive highway wall.

It’s a lot of fun when people see Artisan projects and swear they’re looking at real wood or hand-chiseled stone or high-end bricks. (More than a few have to touch our walls just to persuade themselves it’s concrete).

It’s really satisfying that engineers and architects spec us on their projects because they know the quality of our work and that we’ll go the extra mile to provide extra engineering help or a custom mold if they need it.

Some favorite projects stand out. Here are my Top 5:

  • HSMOUT DO #07 in Twentynine Palms, CA – This was our first training project to do with the USMC and we are proud to be a tiny part of helping our troops train and prepare for combat conditions.
  • Bicentennial Park in Southlake, TX – This project involved over 5 years of design/development with the City.  We had over 20 revisions to our shop drawings and site plans.  In going this extra mile we were able to provide the City with exactly what they wanted.
  • Green River Parkway in Stuart, FL – This wall was over 1 mile long that involved multiple wall heights as well as various heights of retaining. We were required to work very closely with the GC and the City in order to keep the adjacent residents happy.
  • Jupiter Compression Station in Waynesburg, PA – We installed a 12’ security barrier at this natural gas compression station.  While still providing security and screening, we installed two 25’ long removable sections.  This feature allows the natural gas company to move heavy equipment onto the site without having to rip out the wall every time.
  • Wal-Mart Supercenter #1404-02 in Lake Zurich, IL – We worked closely with the architect on this project to provide them with project specific shop drawings and elevations, demo wall, color samples, etc.  They were able to use this information to show the neighboring residents what wall was being installed and thus helping the project run more smoothly.