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Precast concrete wall design inspired by customer – ChiselCrete

Artisan Precast is a “make our own molds” supplier. We manufacture and install concrete walls to your custom specifications. Last year, a customer-inspired precast concrete wall design became the best-seller in our fence product portfolio.

Here’s the story…

The ChiselCrete stone pattern was a customer-inspired design. The Architect gave me his ideas and sent me pictures he’d found online that were close to his vision for the project.

I sent his specifications to my mold master in Arkansas, and then the stone was manufactured in Tennessee. (Our products are 100% American-made). It took us about 12 months of trial and error, but we ended up with a one-of-a-kind look.

The feedback I’ve received from Architects, Engineers and Contractors has been positive. So positive, in fact, that this year Chise Crete will outperform the FenceStone pattern, which, up till now, has been our top seller. (FenceStone has more of a dried, stacked, filled-stone look.)

If you haven’t done so yet, please add your name to our Architects’ directory, so I can notify you as we release new patterns.

Or if you have an idea for a design you’d like to see us create for your project, Contact Us.