These product lines are only available through Artisan Precast and can be purchased directly through our company.

Yes. Our product is manufactured in a National Precast Concrete Association Certified Plant that has been certified for over 17 years.

Yes. Our system is very flexible and can be configured to retain soil. Please contact our office to discuss the parameters of your project.

Yes. Our product achieves a transmission loss of greater than 34 decibels in most one-third octave bands above 80 Hertz. Please feel free to contact our office for an acoustical sound report.

Our posts are also precast concrete and are manufactured with the same pattern and integral color as the panels and caps. This is an important feature when it comes to achieving an authentic look. All posts use steel reinforcement.

No. Our product is manufactured with an integral coloring process. This life-time feature adds to the low-maintenance of the product.

Please view our on-line color chart located on the Home Page and click on Free Sample to view our standard integral colors. We also have numerous premium colors that may be purchased and we can color match our product for your specific project needs.

Yes. Our products are available and have been installed throughout the United States.  Our products may also be found in other countries. Please call us for details.

Yes. Our precast fence systems offer the same pattern on both sides, which gives the added benefit of being mutually aesthetic on each side.

Due to the variety of each individual project we do not have a standard set cost. Each project carries with it unique characteristics which make a standard pricing system impractical. Most projects will realize a substantial savings over traditional walling systems. Please contact our office to discuss any pricing questions that you may have.

Yes. If you so desire, we can provide you with a full turn-key service which incorporates everything from project-specific engineering to installation.

Yes. We can provide you with the materials. We will also provide you with an installation guideline illustrating a step-by-step process for installation.