100_0309With the national emphasis on Homeland Security, our precast concrete walls provide high security with the added benefit of a theme and color scheme that can blend in with the surroundings of the local community as permanent screening walls, or as highway and railroad noise barriers.


Palm Springs ParkOur wall and fence systems are engineered and manufactured with steel reinforced concrete panels and embedded high-strength vertical steel rods in each concrete post. The posts are installed in concrete foundations every five to eight feet which serves as a barrier to vehicular penetration.

IMGP0065Should a collision occur, the replacement of the posts and panels is faster and less costly than a masonry wall. Our precast concrete walls and fences require no maintenance and, in the event of damage, posts and panels can be replaced faster and more economically than a traditional masonry wall.

Additional steel and higher strength precast concrete are available by special order. Steel plates can be embedded in the top of the posts for attaching barbed wire arms.