If you are an architect choosing precast concrete walls for your project, you really want one-stop shopping. You want a precast concrete company who can simplify your process and lower your cost by taking out the middleman.

In the end, you want a company who will adapt to your timetable. You want professional excellence from the first assessment all the way to installation.

That is one of the best things about Artisan Precast. We are a turnkey company that is completely vertically integrated. Here, we make our own molds. We manufacture our own product. And we install onsite.


Benefits of One-stop Shopping for Precast Concrete Walls

The benefit to you of choosing a one-stop shop is that you can get a clear idea of the entire cost of your precast concrete walls from the very beginning.

Also, your general contractor can write one subcontract instead of working with several. That means that we can bring an end to the struggle of balancing the calendars of several subcontractors, which stretches your timetable.

Third, it means that your coordination will be simpler, since your GC will be in close communication with one Artisan project manager and coordinator. In the end, you will more likely be able to stay on track with your timetable. And your installation will be done more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Best of all, we provide our own stamped engineering for your project that you can include in your overall building plans. This will lower the chances of unforeseen problems at the job site, which cost you time and money. That’s a big deal.

From beginning to end, you will have Artisan team members who understand the needs of your specific project and who also have expert experience with the product.

Call or email us today to get a quote for your upcoming project. (800) 511-2747 or info@artisanprecast.com.