So you have installed your new Artisan precast concrete walls, and they look great. They’re attractive and clean and have nothing to repair. Then later, an 18-wheeler comes to make a delivery and fails to see in his rear view mirror that there is a great-looking precast concrete wall behind him.

What do you do when you need to repair a section of wall that has received damage?

An Easy Repair

Most of the damage that we see comes from vehicles. For big box stores or anything that requires heavy shipping, chances are that a truck will eventually hit your screening wall.

Luckily, you had already made the wise decision of installing Artisan precast walls instead of installing traditional masonry walls. With brick or stone masonry, you would have to tear down all of the remainder of the damaged wall. Then you would have to pour the entire foundation again and start over.

Precast concrete walls work like Lincoln Logs or Legos—any one of the building sets that you used as a kid. For repairs, we simply take out the damaged panels and replace them.

lancaster_048We guarantee that they will match in pattern since we make our own molds. And since we keep much of our product in stock, we can get your repair done in a timely manner.

Since most of our contracts at Artisan Precast are commercial or public works, we offer a one-year warranty minimum on them. But we have offered more. For an HOA project in Illinois, we once offered a 15-year warranty. We just believe in our product that much.

Each project at Artisan has its own project manager, coordinator, crew foreman, and laborers who are knowledgeable about your project. Whatever questions you have, you will get answers within 24 hours.

We don’t just disappear when the installation is done. We follow up with our customers so that we can know you are satisfied with the whole process. That’s why our customers come back.