There are many benefits and uses for Artisan Precast walls. Whether you need a security enclosure, perimeter fencing, a sound or sight barrier, or beautiful equestrian fencing, we have something to fit your needs. But another benefit and added bonus is that you can use our products as a retaining wall.

In Columbia, SC, the city required almost 3000 feet of wall ranging in height from eight to fourteen feet. But 300 feet of that wall would be retaining up to four feet of soils. So how would we give the added support required to the bottom half of the wall and still reach the necessary height, all within the customer’s budget?

Engineering a Strong Retaining Wall

We decided to implement a secondary post system. We used 7½-inch square posts, as opposed to our standard 5-inch posts, for the sections that would be retaining soils. Then we put a four-foot post in between each of them to provide the extra support and strength. The panels in between were shorter on the bottom, and the panels above the extra posts fit smoothly into place to reach whatever height was necessary.

We always work diligently to meet the requirements of city and county codes and to allow time for permitting. And as usual, we provide stamped engineering for your project. Also, you will find that precast concrete walls are more cost effective than traditional masonry walls for retention.

The most memorable part of that job in Columbia was not just the great engineering behind it. Our crew had to work through a hurricane to complete that job! They worked right up until it was necessary for them to take shelter. And then when the hurricane had passed, they pulled up their boots and headed out into the mud to continue the job. Well done, guys!