At Artisan Precast, we use a staining process to create an authentic look for your concrete walls. There are a few other ways to do this, but none of them are as effective and practical as staining.

There was an article in the news recently about a problem in the suburbs of a big city. One town was concerned about their 30-40 year old concrete screening walls. These had been erected when the economy was booming. People were moving to the suburbs, and beautiful neighborhoods were popping up everywhere. Now, these walls looked dingy and faded and needed to be repainted. The hard question was who would pay for it.

As you start a building project, you might not be thinking about the color of your precast concrete walls and fences forty years from now. But we are. And that’s why we have found that staining the concrete on site is the best practice.

IMG_0180Why staining works best

  1. Staining the concrete in the field provides consistency. The stain colors are easily color-matched, because all we need to record is the number and formula of the stain. This is most evident in projects that are done in phases. No guesswork in manufacturing, no eyeballing it to try to match colors.
  2. The stain doesn’t sit on top of the concrete like paint would. It soaks into the concrete for a more lasting effect. In fact, staining has a fade rate of only 5% over ten years.
  3. Because of advancements in staining, it is preferable to trying to mix the color in at manufacturing. That would be difficult to replicate if you are doing a large job in phases.
  4. Since we stain in the field, we can use several different colors together to create a more authentic look, such as for mottled stone or brick and grout. It adds such dimension and natural beauty, you won’t believe it’s concrete.
  5. Since all of the modifications happen on site instead of in manufacturing, we can keep more of our product in stock. That means we’re quicker to the job site, which is better for your timetable and your bottom line.

Here’s a good case in point: we recently had a contract close to home, so shipping was not going to be a consideration. Because of staining the walls on site, we were able to begin installation only seven business days after we signed the contract.

No more fretting about color matching your precast concrete project; we have the solution at Artisan Precast.