Both Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were well known for having a closet full of the same clothes which they wore everyday.

In Barry Schwartz’s book, “The Paradox of Choice,” he proves that all of us can only handle so much choice in a day before the act of “deciding” becomes detrimental to our psychological and emotional well-being.

Jobs and Einstein instinctively knew they needed to save brain space for more important matters than style.

Sometimes your projects may not require a “designer” due to budget or deadline. If so, why waste time researching Concrete Fence, Precast Fence, Concrete Screening Wall or Precast Screening Wall options when you just want to get your plans approved ASAP?
I’ll help. Here are our…

5 Most Specified Concrete Patterns*

1. FenceStone®
2. ChiselCrete®
3. WoodCrete
4. BrickCrete®
5. WoodCrete® Rail
Access CADs and SPEC for each here

*Specified and ordered by our customers most often in the past 3 years.

Read this book to see why “crowd sourcing” is a valid way to make low-risk buying decisions.