“I’m elated over the recent installation of the FenceStone® precast concrete wall for my project in Colleyville, Texas. The office staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. The Artisan Precast installers were professional, organized and worked quickly to complete my project in a timely manner. I’m so pleased with the wall results that I look forward to working with Artisan Precast on my next project.”

-Peter Slover, Bayley Yandell Development, LTD – Southlake, TX


“Artisan Precast was hired over five years ago to install a wall at our Booster Station located in Upland California. The original wall was approximately 385 lineal feet, 8 feet high and has endured the test of time. We were so pleased with the results, in 2014 we hired Artisan Precast to construct the same kind of wall for our new well site on another site in Upland bordering the street sides of our 5-acre property. The Artisan staff quickly got to work providing documentation to the city. The rocky soil conditions required Artisan to re-structure the standard footings for the fence and worked diligently to finish the installation. The completed wall reflects the same wall installed by the City on the adjacent property that was installed many years prior.

We can attest to the quality and craftsmanship of the work done by Artisan Precast.”

– Charles Moorrees, San Antonio Water Company – Upland, CA


“We hired Artisan because we liked the product for our large commercial strip mall project. We were required by the city to put in a masonry screening wall to separate the new commercial zone from the existing residential zone. We needed to make several changes to the project during the course of construction. Artisan was always responsive, fair, and always willing to do whatever was needed to deliver a quality product. As an example, they were able to use their walling system to retain 4 feet of soil along much of the fence line. That surprised us as we did not know the product could do that! Needless to say, we have a great wall at a great price. Artisan’s people are real professionals and we highly recommend them.”

-Brian Frasier, Big-D Construction Corp. – Salt Lake City, UT


“It is my pleasure to be writing this recommendation for Artisan Precast who I have known as a reliable company for 3.5 years.

I have been working with Artisan Precast since 2009 and they have provided me with the finest quality of precast concrete fence materials. They not only provide me with a quality product but they also provide signed and sealed engineered shop drawings and calculations for any permit requirements that my jobs may require. Everyone in the construction industry understands that there are always unforeseen situations that arise. It is during these unforeseen situations, for example when I need additional pieces of material that were not originally ordered or if I need to delay or hurry a shipment, when Artisan Precast truly shines. Artisan Precast’s flexibility and eagerness to provide customer satisfaction is what sets them apart from the rest.

Artisan Precast has assisted my company by providing the best permanent and secure fences for my customers. My satisfied customers have thus allowed for the growth of my business and my continued partnership with Artisan Precast. Over the years Artisan Precast has supplied me with material for over 50 projects and it is through their consistency of quality products, timely deliveries and excellent customer service that I provide them with my repeat business. Artisan Precast has since become my sole supplier of precast concrete fence materials and they are the only ones I trust with my business.”

–Tim Morris, Fence Me In – Haslet, TX

“I was in need of a 12′ high property line wall separating a mobile home park from a 24 hour commercial facility. The wall needed to look good, have sound attenuation, and meet the city’s requirements. After getting a CMU block wall engineered and priced, we discovered several underground pipes. Our CMU wall, with the big foundation was no longer viable. I was connected to Artisan Precast through our structural engineer. The product fit the bill to a tee, and was about half of our original CMU wall estimate. The foundations were much smaller and allowed us to span over the underground pipes, leaving them undisturbed. It also looked much better than the split face CMU I was originally proposing. I requested several samples, and finally decided on one. The product (in fact, the entire wall) was delivered in pieces, pre-finished, and assembled/ installed in about 1/4 of the time as the CMU wall was projected to take. The Artisan Team communicated well during construction and worked out several logistical challenges on site. The wall looks great and our client is thrilled with the result. I will definitely be using Artisan Precast on future projects.”

-Jeffrey Carleton Browning AIA, Model Design, Inc. – San Pedro, CA


“I have been placing orders with Artisan Precast for years and I can proudly say I have purchased just about every item in their catalog. I stick to the Artisan products because the quality of the fence materials far exceeds the competition. The office staff is not only a pleasure to work with but they also go above and beyond to assist me with my projects. I look forward to many future projects with Artisan Precast.”

– Kevin McKeon, Kleenco Maintenance & Construction – Alexandria, IN


“It was vital that my project have an aesthetically pleasing fence to divide the existing neighbor from the new development. One of the requirements for the fence was that it could not damage the neighbor’s large trees. The Artisan Precast WoodCrete® fence was our best option to avoid the tree roots because it is installed with a pier system rather than a continuous footer. An arborist was hired during the fence installation and he remained onsite to monitor the trees. Thanks to the Artisan Precast installers not a single tree was harmed, the fence looked great and most importantly the Developer was happy.”

– Sandy Becker, Becker General Contracting, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA