Raise your hand if you never want to hear any of the following for the rest of this century:

  • “Is it too late to change this one section?”
  • “I don’t want this anymore.”
  • “I went online. Here are the changes I want to make.”

An owner changing his mind on a construction project is a big headache heading for a migraine. But here’s the good news.

If an owner wants to change his mind about an Artisan Precast fence or wall design, typically that means he only wants to change the pattern color or height.

We’re easy.

It doesn’t matter what he changes—it’s all the same to us and the same price to you.

We don’t charge differently for different patterns and colors. We know in the overall size of your project, we’re an insignificant value.

So we make it easy for you to respond to those inevitable change requests. Just ask us about your current projects using the “Email Us” form on our Contact Us page.

Also, get a copy of our CAD drawings and Specification files.