There’s nothing “pre-fab” about Artisan Precast projects.

Granted, they’re about as complicated to install as a big Lego system. We slide  precast concrete panels between “H” beam posts every 5 feet, then silicone caulk.

But each project — and each client — is unique. We will work with you to give you exactly what you need, not impose a product on you..

When we did a CobbleCrete noise-reduction walls for an Illinois Department of Transportation highway project, we provided standard stamped and sealed shop drawings.

At the DOT engineers’ request, we also went into their elevation CADs and added the plan and profile view of the wall, so they could see what their exact wall will look like, with the specific height for each section of the entire fence line.

We also gave them station drawings.

Our work allowed them to know where each individual post went along the 1,160-foot wall.

On this project — and every other one we do — we do what it takes to give project engineers what they need.