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Concrete Production

We produce the fundamental building elements for you through the most effective creation methods.

Building Construction

All stages of construction are handled with finesse to maintain the standards throughout the process.

Foundation Work

Laying the warp to a structure is always the most crucial phase of a project, and we take our time with it.

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Retaining Walls

Get your designs and plans carved onto the massive walls that stand as the perfect retaining structure.

Equestrian Fencing

Add a boundary to your compound with the strongest materials shaped into the most appealing fences.

Replacement Of CMU Walls

Breaking the concrete masonry walls for a replacement is a task we take up and complete with ease.

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Our services have been delivering the best results in the construction industry for more than a decade.

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Check out our extensive range of products that can mold the perfect structure according to your dreams.
Concrete Walls
We transport the materials and prepare the right mix for the walls as per the design recommendations.
Precast Concrete
Our curing centers specialize in providing space for the precast structures to strengthen before installation.
Timber and steel fences are produced at our factory to prepare the best blend for your buildings.

Client Testimonials

“This is undoubtedly one of the best services I have come across in my three-decade-long career.” Alice R Hanley

“Their fencing products were nothing short of classy, embellishing our buildings with the best elements of elegance.” Romeo E Wegener

“Fast rectifications and reports make their service stand out. No other place offers such impeccable customer service.” Patricia S Chisholm

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Why Building With Post and Panel Precast Walling Makes Financial Sense

Why Building With Post and Panel Precast Walling Makes Financial Sense

I get this question all the time: “I know that precast concrete walls look great, but they look expensive…are they?” Well, the quick answer is no but it depends on the product and the company. Precast post and panel systems (e.g. has these products) save a great deal of installation time and that saves money. Because products like FenceStone and BrickCrete are manufactured under controlled conditions at a precast plant, fence components arrive at the site ready to be assembled. Piers are dug, precast posts are set, concrete is poured to secure the posts, and then the panels and caps are slid into place. Precast concrete products create a more controlled installation process and help ensure a quality outcome.

Now, not all precast products are the same. Ideally, precast walls should look like the real thing rather than cold fakes. FenceStone is one of the most revered of precast products as it looks like hand-laid ledge stone and is available in a variety of natural colors. The texture is on both sides and throughout the panel – there are no borders to betray its ‘authentic’ look. These products enable architects to match color, texture (wood, brick, stone, etc.) to the project to heights up to 20 feet. Crews typically work in teams of four and can assemble a typical fence of say 500 linear feet in a matter of days. Quick installation, ‘controlled’ assembly, and practially zero maintenance are propelling these products into exciting new projects. Appropriate for residential, commercial, industrial, public works and a variety of applications, precast concrete walls like those of Artisan Precast are the increasingly preferred solution for architects and builders.

Concrete Fence Advantages

Concrete Fence Advantages

The growing popularity of precast concrete fences and concrete walls is a logical progression as construction evolves in both design and cost engineering. Concrete fences such as FenceStone and WoodCrete employ a post and panel system that enables fast and cost effective erection of walls. These concrete fences are being employed in a wide variety of projects from residential developments to industrial centers. A concrete fence can be built to 20 feet in height without the continuous foundation requirements of typical concrete block walls. It is estimated that a precast concrete wall uses 55% less concrete in the foundation than a typical concrete block wall.

Unlike monolithically poured precast, these walls are warm and inviting. They give the appearance of authentic stone, brick and wood – especially when integrally colored. Products like FenceStone can be installed with a 3 or 4 man crew and light equipment. If your project involves a wall – whether 50 feet or 4,000 feet or more – you must seriously take a look at precast concrete walls and fences.

Precast Concrete for Walls and Fences

Precast Concrete for Walls and Fences

As more and more contractors, developers, architects, cities, homeowners are looking for more cost effective ways to build projects, concrete walls and concrete fences are gaining rapid acceptance. Everyone wants to create an aesthetically appealing project to increase likelihood of sale, to enable hire rents, or to simply create a more valuable project.
Whatever the reason, using precast concrete provides two great benefits – it is cost effective and it looks great. For example, FenceStone is a product that resembles hand-laid ledgestone. It is precast and assembled at the project location.

This saves time and money and greatly reduces the speed of installation. This approach is more cost effective than building a wall of stone or the common practice of building a concrete block wall and then applying stone or fake stone to the facade of the wall. It also greatly reduces the cost which enables the buyer to have an expensive looking walling option for a fraction of the price. Architects value this option as they can wrap a project in a great looking wall at a great cost. Artisan Precast ( has a great line of precast concrete to check out.

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