I get this question all the time: “I know that precast concrete walls look great, but they look expensive…are they?” Well, the quick answer is no but it depends on the product and the company. Precast post and panel systems (e.g. www.artisanprecast.com has these products) save a great deal of installation time and that saves money. Because products like FenceStone and BrickCrete are manufactured under controlled conditions at a precast plant, fence components arrive at the site ready to be assembled. Piers are dug, precast posts are set, concrete is poured to secure the posts, and then the panels and caps are slid into place. Precast concrete products create a more controlled installation process and help ensure a quality outcome. Be sure to have the right signs when doing this project. If you don’t get them here https://americansignletters.com

Now, not all precast products are the same. Ideally, precast walls should look like the real thing rather than cold fakes. FenceStone is one of the most revered of precast products as it looks like hand-laid ledge stone and is available in a variety of natural colors. The texture is on both sides and throughout the panel – there are no borders to betray its ‘authentic’ look. These products enable architects to match color, texture (wood, brick, stone, etc.) to the project to heights up to 20 feet. Crews typically work in teams of four and can assemble a typical fence of say 500 linear feet in a matter of days. Quick installation, ‘controlled’ assembly, and practially zero maintenance are propelling these products into exciting new projects. Appropriate for residential, commercial, industrial, public works and a variety of applications, precast concrete walls like those of Artisan Precast are the increasingly preferred solution for architects and builders.