The growing popularity of precast concrete fences and concrete walls is a logical progression as construction evolves in both design and cost engineering. Concrete fences such as FenceStone and WoodCrete employ a post and panel system that enables fast and cost effective erection of walls. These concrete fences are being employed in a wide variety of projects from residential developments to industrial centers. A concrete fence can be built to 20 feet in height without the continuous foundation requirements of typical concrete block walls. It is estimated that a precast concrete wall uses 55% less concrete in the foundation than a typical concrete block wall.

Unlike monolithically poured precast, these walls are warm and inviting. They give the appearance of authentic stone, brick and wood – especially when integrally colored. Products like FenceStone can be installed with a 3 or 4 man crew and light equipment. If your project involves a wall – whether 50 feet or 4,000 feet or more – you must seriously take a look at precast concrete walls and fences.